Musheto Fernandez

Graphic Designer.
Based in Glasgow.
0044 7956 143538

     Spinning Coin

       Graphic Design, Art Direction

Poster artwork for Spinning Coin’s “Hyacinth” album launch in Berlin.

     Inside the bushes

       Graphic Design, Art Direction, Print 

Album artwork created for Inside The Bushes, a compilation put together by Amy Krawczyk and Lee Strain with all the profits going to The Unity Centre and Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis.

     The Raincoats

     Graphic Design, Print, Art Direction

Poster artwork for the last The Raincoats’ Glasgow show.

     Light Reading, Gold Gutter, Failed Delivery

     Graphic Design, Art Direction, Production

Design and printing for Ira Yonemura’s Light Reading, Gold Gutter, Failed Delivery.

     Ela Orleans

     Graphic Design, Art Direction, 

Sleeve artwork created for Night School Records’ Movies For Ears by Ela Orleans.


     Graphic Design, Art Direction, Print

A5 cards part of the series Meridians, a collab project with Riso Sur Mer.

     Strawberry Switchblade

     Graphic Design, Art Direction
Sleeve artwork created for Night School Records’s 1982 4-Piece Demos by Strawberry Switchblade.

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